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    Ambur Biryani

    A tastier Preparation to please the Guests

    Ambur is also famous for "Biryani", its tasty rice, varieties of chicken dishes, etc. Desserts like Mutanjan, Gulab Jamun, Gajar Ka Halva after the feast have become popular since the reign of Nawaabs of Arcot (Aaru Kaadu which means six forests). People of Ambur are very traditional.

    The secrets in preparation of the World Famous Ambur Biryani is revealed now !!! Just read and enjoy....

    Welcome to Ambur Web page !!!

    Ambur is a historical town, a municipality in Vellore district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is famous for its Modern Leather and Leather Shoe manufacturing industries. Factories in Ambur manufacture shoes for world's leading footwear brand names like Florshiem, Lumberjack, Gabor, Clarks, Fretz Men, Coll Hann, Hi-Line, Hugo Boss, Marc, and many more. Hence, it is also known as a "Leather City." Some of the Indian big names that have setup manufacturing units here are Farida Shoes, SSC, NMZ, TAW, KAR,ESAAR, Florind, Floram, Bonaventure etc. These companies provide a major chunk of employement to the local people. Traders of supplying Shoe Material, Components and Chemicals to these companies have a huge business opportunities over here.

    Effluent Treatment

    In the interest of the public and to prserve the water table clean and pollution-free, most of the Tanneries have installed effluent treatment plants to treat the water before letting it into the river Palar. The effluent is treated to remove harsh chemicals such as hexavalent chromium, trivalent chromium, etc.

    Unity In Diversity

    People here in Ambur most predominantly are Muslims with Hindus, Christians, and other religion forming the population.

    Ramzan and Bakrid are the most important festivals celebrated by Muslims here. They offer a special prayer on those 2 days in Large Grounds called Eidgah. After the Eid Prayers, they enjoy meeting their relatives and friends and finally settling for a feast in the afternoon.

    Deepavali and pongal are the festival for Hindus. Christians celebrate Christmas.

    The vast diversity of religion doesn't hinder in the harmony of the place. They invite each other to their respective festivals.

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