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Leather Processing
Leather Processing from Raw to superbly finished Leather, and by-products such as Shoe Uppers and Full Shoes Manufacturing and Exporting is the main task Ambur is accomplishing since long.

Ambur Town has in its fold from big Technocrats to the cottage level industries pertaining to Leather, Shoes and Leather Goods, made out of full finished leather for Export and also from various grades to suit everyone’s budget.

These industries of Leather, Shoes and Leather Goods, are constantly in need of all allied products pertaining to the processing of leather, such as chemicals, oils, softeners, colors etc. and for Leather Goods all components right from the lining material to zips, button and buckles
Vast potentialities for all these businesses are available at Ambur. Hence, AmburNet.com welcomes Advertisements from all such industries and suppliers of the goods who deal with the processing of Leather and Leather Goods.

We have now available with us the following data of the industries. This list may grow as and when we start getting more inputs into our database.

Leather has never been so good without the efforts and talents of Ambur Tanneries and Technicians employing modern machinery and techniques coupled with the best practices prevailing in the process. As a result the following varieties, qualities and grades of leather now available at the leather market.


Raw Hide Processing into: Vegetable Tanned Leather, Oil Tanned Leather, Drum Stuffed Leather, Glazed Leather, Semi-Chrome and Full Chrome Leather, Burnished and Glossy-Finish Leather, Milled Leather, Printed Leather - for Cut Sole, Unit Sole and Leather Heal Blocks.



Sheep Leather, Goat Leather, Cow Leather, all Glazed, Softy, Milled and Polished. Also Kid Glazed, Polished and Antique Leather - For Belts, Baggage and Luggage, Full Shoes and Shoe Uppers.

Softies And Linings, for Purses, Bags and Belts :

Cow Nappa, Sheep Nappa, Nappalan, Suede for Clothing and Lining, Nubuck, Wallets Aniline and Hand Gloves.


Cow Split Leather:

Printed, Softened and thinned to the required gauge for Industrial Shoes and Industrial Hand Gloves, Foot wear like Sandals, Chappals and Belts.

Not a single decimeter area of leather is wasted. The Experts of Ambur make use of every single decimeter of leather into a variety of by-products such as mates – from small telephone mates to the bigger size of screens, The patch-work of leather is utilized in low-cost leather jackets and hand-bags and other variety of attractive articles.

The usage of leather goes to the extent of the imagination an Expert in this field has acquired.



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