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Biryani, The Fantastic, Delicious and Famous Traditional Dish Ever Prepared On the Universe !!!
It is our Large and Wide Claim !! It is True !!! Biryani - The Testiest and Richest Preparation of this World. A fantastic Feast-Food, preparation of which requires a lot of experience with concentration.
Basmati Rice boiled with precision and blended with various Spices and Ghee/Oil. Gourmeted with Mutton, Chicken, Beef or various Vegetables according to the taste and choice, garnished with Almond, Pista, Cashew and Dry Grapes

Expert Cooks are available in Ambur, who could prepare Biryani for large Parties attended by any number of persons. These Experts take 4 to 6 hours to complete their cooking process.

Would Like To Try Cooking Biryani For Yourself ?

Here is the secret unfolded for you !!!

Biryani Cooking Method

Clean the Rice and keep soaked in water. Clean and keep ready Mutton Or Chicken. Cut Onion and Tomato in length-wise. Pluck leaves of Corriyonder and Mint. Make paste of Ginger and Garlic.

Place a Degh or any Rice cooking Pot on an oven. Pour required quantity of Ghee/Oil. Fry the Spices, Cardimom, Cinnamon, Cloves, then add onion tomato and Green Chillies (full size). Fry till Onion becomes brown and then add the Paste of Ginger and Garlic. After some time, add Leaves of Corrionder and Mint. Add Curd, Lemon Juice and Chilly Powder.

Add cleaned Mutton or Chicken. Mix well and close the lid, adding adequate water and controlling the flames of the oven. This is called Mutton Khurma.

After sometime, test for the mutton's softness. Add adequate salt and mix a few grames of Zafron (Saffron) diluted in a cup of water.

The soaked Rice must be placed on another oven with adequate water and pre-boiled Or Half-Boiled. This half-boiled rice must be ready by the time the Mutton or Chicken mixed with the spices is fully cooked.

When both the things (Mutton Khurma and Half-boiled Rice) are ready, mix them well and keep on a low flame with closed lid of the Degh or Pot.

After sometime, test the cooked Rice for smoothness and take out from the oven.

Garnish with Fried Almond, Pista, Cashew Nuts and Dry Grapes (Optional).

Now your Biryani Is Ready For Consumption.

Enjoy !!!


Basmati Rice

Mutton Or

Chicken Or













Corriyonder Leaves

Mint Leaves

Chilly Power

Green Chillies


Optional :



Cashew Nut

Dry Grapes

Take Advice from an Expert for preparation of Biryani out of all the given Ingredients.

OR Contact AmburNet.Com for your needs, so that we could suggest an Expert from Ambur for all your functions or parties

Different Types of Biryani Preparations :
The words Biryani or Biriyani, Buryani, Biriani are one and the same, which denotes a delicious dish prepared in India. Each State of India has its uniqueness in the preparation of Biryani. The word Biryani is a Urdu word and believed to have been adopted from Persian (Iranian Language) which gives the plural meaning of something "fried" or "roasted". Biryani is a delicious and richly prepared dish in India with the mixture of High Quality Basmati Rice, spices, Dry fruits to garnish, Yogurt, Ghee.

The varieties of Biryani are many. Mutton Biryani, Vegetable Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Fish Biryani, Shrimp Biryani, Beef Biryani. Biryani generally prepared with Mutton or Chicken as its main ingredient. Each kind of Biryani has its own taste and recipe and commands its liking. Vegetarians who do not like Mutton or Chicken, still like Biryani with Vegetables. Eggetarians prefer Biryani prepared with eggs.

The taste for this Biryani dish depends upon the spices it contains. Ginger, Garlic, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander Leaves, Mint Leaves, Onion, Zafron (Safron) etc. mixed in a well balanced property. The selection of each spice is the secret formula of taste, which each Indian family preserves. Hence, you dine anywhere, each family, each town and each city will give a different taste of this Biryani preparation.

Biryani preparation is a must for any Wedding party and any other party on an auspicious day, or on an auspicious occasion. Festivals will not be complete without the preparation of Biryani. Rich and Poor prepare Biryani as per their wishes and tastes and their budget allows.

You could dine this Biryani dish in Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh, Pakistan, Burma, and European countries like England, France and Germany, USA and Canada, prepared by mostly, Bangla Deshis, Pakistanis and Indians. Middle Eastern Countries delightfully prepare and serve Biryani with pride.


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